Program Committee

We pay a great attention to every detail of MCE^3 in order to make it an unforgettable experience. To make it possible, we gathered a group of specialist, overseeing the content of the conference in order to deliver the best results.

All the speakers of MCE^3 were carefully selected and reviewed by our Program Committee, formed by Polidea team and various experts from every field of the conference. This way we can make sure, that we bring only the best speakers to the stage, and every track is equally exciting.

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Stefan Bielau

Stefan Bielau has more than 14 years of experience working in the media industry.
Together with three partners he runs Dynamo Partners, a boutique consulting firm specializing in mobile apps & services. There he helps companies to achieve their goals in terms of mobile revenues, content distribution and digital growth. Clients include companies like Lookout Inc., HAILO, Lufthansa, GSN, ImmobilienScout24 or various publishing houses. Prior to his consulting assignments, he founded dailyme, the leading application for mobile video and TV in the German-speaking area.
Stefan has been in various executive management positions in Poland and Germany and has invested in early-stage startups like adsquare, Fjuul, Codengo or BETEGY.
He is an avid user of social media tools, feel free to follow via, connect via or read his blog about App Store Optimization

Paweł Byszewski

A Software engineer that loves clear, testable Android architecture. After taking part in conferences and tech meetups, he treats open source and networking as one of the best way of self development. In his spare time he encourages everyone to try Kotlin or enjoy nature on SUP.

Karolina Chmiel

Karolina Chmiel works as the Head of Design at Polidea. She is a graduate of the Product Design Department at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice. Currently, she focuses on coordinating the design team, however she draws a lot of satisfaction from designing herself. She always follows the design process and appreciates user research. She is a lecturer at the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology in the scope of interaction design. She also runs the Design Practice Meetup.

Paweł Dudek

iOS developer crafting apps since 2009. TDD enthusiast. Organiser at Mobile Warsaw. Cofounder at Mobile Academy. Chemex addict and craft beer lover.

Chris Eidhof

Chris is a Dutch software developer living in Berlin (Germany). He made DecksetScenery and started UIKonf. He runs, and wrote a books about Functional Programming in Swift and Advanced Swift.

Mateusz Grzechociński

Loves: mobile world. Focused on: being a professional guy. Main activities: organising teams' work, talking to people, coding. Always keen to: exchange experience and knowledge.

Grzegorz Kapusta

Head of Operations at Polidea. Grzegorz has background in Computer Science and over 10 years of experience in the industry. Starting his career as a Software Engineer he gradually moved to management positions while still keeping his passion for mobile technology and writing code.

Jakub Lipiński

CEO and Co-Founder at Polidea. Jakub studied Computer Science and coding, two topics that have been his lifelong passions. He is also a graduate of the Advanced Management Program at IESE's Business School, giving him a non-engineering insight into business matters. With an additional 4 years of management experience as a CTO under his belt, Jakub is customer oriented, excellent at strategic thinking, and team leading.

Maciej Oczko

Software engineer in love with iOS. Passionate clean coder that enjoys responsive, beautiful and clear design. Big agile fun, always keen on working with people.
Currently at Polidea. Co-founder of Mobile Academy - advanced workshops for iOS programmers.

Karol Piekarski

Karol Piekarski is a programme director at Medialab Katowice and organiser of the festival of art and technology art+bits. He has carried out a number of interdisciplinary research and education projects involving city data processing and visualisation. He is an author of Data-Driven Methods for City Research and Exploration

Alek Piotrowski

Became a mobile developer after long run as a backend guy. Because of
the age holding senior position from the day one as an Android dev.
Serial hackathon winner, or at least contender. In previous live an
OpenBSD developer.

Jarek Potiuk

CTO of Polidea. Enthusiastic and pragmatic Engineer, Technology Evangelist, Software Gardener, geek and gadget lover. Intelligent, extremely good in problem investigation and solving, presenting high integrity, sharing passion, enthusing others. With strong personality, but at the same time team player. Strongly focused on mobile area - in every aspect of the subject.

Weronika Rochacka-Gagliardi

With nine years of professional experience, including five years of project management work at the Design Council in London, Weronika developed expertise in areas of design management, service design, design promotion and education. Currently she lives and works between Warsaw and São Paulo. She is Co-Founder and Design Strategist at ThinkDO Studio, collaborating on strategic design projects with Magda Kochanowska from DIZKO Design Management.
Weronika focuses on promoting the value of design to business and public sector organisations through hands-on projects, design thinking and service design workshops, public speaking engagements and publications. Her clients include: the National Audiovisual Institute in Warsaw (NInA), the ING Bank, Bank Millennium, Physical Culture Development Foundation (FRKF), Ceramika Paradyż and more. She is also involved in developing design management and service design education in Poland.

Ewa Satalecka

Ewa Satalecka is Professor at Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technologies in Warsaw, leader of the moving type class. She represents Poland on the international forum of ATypI (International Typography Association). She organizes international design workshops, conferences, exhibitions of typography and information design. Her own works, including kinetic typography installations, were presented on the “Liguid Page” Symposium in Tate Britain (2008) and as a part of the international “Moving Type” Exhibition in the Gutenberg Museum, Mainz (2011, Germany). Edited by her: MOTYF2013, MOTYF2014, Fajrant (available on issuu, prized TDC 2012 certificate). Her articles are included in VeryGraphic, Polish Designers of the 20thCentury (edited by Jacek Mrowczyk, IAM, 2015) and 365xtypo. 365 Stories on Type, Typography and Graphic Design (edited by Linda Kudrnovska, Etapes, 2015).

Krzysztof Siejkowski

Working with mobile technologies since 2011. While focused on iOS development with Swift, he won't forget his first love - Objective-C - and lessons learned from Java on Android and Scala on backend. Co-organizer of Mobile Warsaw meetup and Codepot conference. Cultural anthropologist by night.

Piotr Wilam

Co-founder, managing partner and leading investor at Innovation Nest (seed/VC fund); entrepreneur, founder of Pascal Publishing House and co-founder and first president of the management board of; philosopher and mathematician by education, graduate of the Catholic University of Lublin (KUL), Oxford University and London Business School.

Krzysztof Zabłocki

Krzysztof is the creator of Objective-C Playgrounds and Foldify. iOS Developer passionate about writing quality code and helping other do the same.

Magdalena Zadara

Magda currently works as a UI Designer at Polidea, where she’s part of mixed developer-designer teams who create mobile apps. She studied product design at Central Saint Martins and the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and decided to mix her passion for technology with the traditional craft she learned to work on digital products. She also runs the Design Practice Meetup and is active in the Polish IT community as a speaker, workshop leader and organiser.

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