MCE is the conference created by developers and designers. Getting bigger every year it touches the aspects of all elements of mobile creation - development, design, UX, and technology. Our goal is to get a holistic picture of mobile devices of all kinds and take a next step in their development, getting to give users the “WOW” impression. 

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We invite you to take part in the workshop event at MCE - JITTER. With the option to choose from several different topics, each attendee will have an opportunity to participate in workshops related to technology, product and design of mobile applications. On top of that you can choose to roam freely around the venue where it’s going to be held, allowing you to pick up and try out new, exciting tech products. Stay tuned - we’ll be announcing more about it.

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An unusual chance to meet a lot of exciting individuals - programmers, designers, trendsetters, managers, product owners and creators of future in the mobile world! We took a lot of care into assembling a rockstar team of incredible speakers. Are you as excited as we are? More coming soon.

Anne Cahalan

Detroit Labs

Anne Cahalan is an application developer at Detroit Labs, a mobile development shop in Detroit, Michigan. She makes apps with Xcode, sweaters with sticks, and cocktails with bourbon.


Truths Universally Acknowledged: Swift Design Patterns as Jane Austen Heroes

Have you ever looked at your code and realized that a certain design pattern was charging in like a romantic hero, sweeping away the confusion and bringing order to chaos? Or perhaps you've encountered a pattern that you utterly hated...until it's virtues slowly grew on you as you realized that the alternative was a complete disaster? Let's imagine Ada Lovelace reading Jane Austen, and compare some of my favorite design patterns with some of my favorite Jane Austen heroes.Note: I'll be showing Swift code, but neither knowledge of Swift nor Jane Austen are required.

Michał Bendowski


Michał is Software Engineer on the Android Studio team in London. His main focus is improving the build system performance and the experience of writing and executing tests in Android Studio.


Android Studio Internals

I'll talk about how the Android Studio IDE interacts with our Gradle-based build system and how it could affect your build speeds. I'll cover some lesser known parts of the build system and give a high-level overview of the new Instant Run feature.

Adrian Catalan

Elemental Geeks

Adrián has been involved in software industry for 10+ years, working both in web and mobile apps. GDG Guatemala, GuatemalaJS and Nodebots co-organizer. Currently he leads the Innovation Lab at Galileo University and is a Google Developer Expert(GDE) for Android, IoT and Firebase.


Android App Architecture for the Everyday Developer

MVC, MVP, MVVM, Clean and more keywords might sound familiar to you, these describes patterns that helps developers building high quality software by organizing things up. But why bother? why not stick to the classic 'don't fix what ain't broken'? A well planified architected app can speed up the development process and simplify the long term maintainability. It's not enough to keep functions smalls and not building a god-Activity, we need to level-up and design towards clean architecture. This talk will review and discuss MVP and Clean approaches, how to start, and tips on architecting our apps in a compelling way.

Jasson Schrock

Jasson moved to Berlin last year from Silicon Valley to lead the User Experience team at Onefootball. He has worked for a variety of large companies and startups as both an employee and founder. Jasson was the first designer hired by YouTube after the Google acquisition and was able to participate in growing a startup into an international destination with billions of visitors per day. After leading multiple international projects at YouTube, he transferred to Google News and was tasked with building and managing their first user experience team. With over fifteen years of experience in design, he also holds a variety of international patents from interactive videos to recommendations and advertising systems.


Integrating UX Into The Company Culture

User experience is not just limited to designers. For a product to be effective and viable, the user experience needs to meet the core needs of both the users and the company. This makes everyone a stakeholder. However to help ensure that the right product is built it's critical that there is a shared language between roles.

Antoni Kędracki


Lead Engineer at Polidea, connected since the first days of his career with mobile devices. After working on Blackberry and Android apps, Antoni moved to iOS some 5 years ago. In the meantime leading teams to develop multiple 100k+ user apps. Co-organizer of Mobile Warsaw, a monthly meetup group, with over 1000 members and now celebrating it's 3 birthday. In his spare time Antoni enjoys cooking, sailing, and doing various DIY projects.


Hardware Hacking with Raspberry Pi [hands on]

The idea behind the Raspberry Pi project is to provide a small and cheap PC replacement, that can be used for teaching children basic computer science. But its able to do so much more. It has GPIO, a lot of processing power and multiple connectivity options. All this makes It a potent Arduino replacement. I would like to invite you to a hands on exploration of the Raspberry Pi GPIO port. We will start by interfacing some basic components (LEDs, buttons, etc). We will also play with a cool (and surprisingly simple) technique called Capacitive Proximity Sensing. Then, when we have learned enough, I will encourage you to let your imagination drift, and hack together a cool contraption.

Paweł Urban


Paweł Urban is a full cycle Android developer, with strong belief in product quality. Fan of usability and agile methodologies. In the past connected with mobile payments and e-commerce in PayU/Allegro. Currently working on shipping top notch products to Polidea's customers as a Senior Software Engineer.


Demystifying Android's Bluetooth Low Energy

Programming with a hardware in mind is fun. IoT is no longer a future but it's around us and Bluetooth programming became our reality. We'll tell you how to play with it without having a headache, using reactive concepts.

Boaz Katz


Boaz is the Co-Founder and Chief Product Strategist at Bizzabo where he is creating a unique product culture of excellence.
Bizzabo is the world’s first event success platform. It helps organizers create successful events by empowering them to build amazing websites, sell tickets, grow communities, go mobile and maximize event experiences - using a beautiful, user friendly platform. Bizzabo is used by thousands of conference organizers from around the globe. It’s available online and across iOS and Android devices. The company has offices in New York and Israel.

He began his career designing and defining airborne interfaces for helicopters with Lockheed Martin and Sikorsky for 3 years while serving in the Israeli Air Force. After this, he continued to lead innovative products as a leading product manager of a small elite research team at Elbit System.
Graduated from the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya , where he studied for a BA in computer science and participated in the prestigious Sam Zell Entrepreneurship program.
Boaz is a skateboarder, surfer, foodie (cooking and eating), fulfilling his passions for building and innovating great products that people love to use.


Prioritization is Hell

Prioritization is always an emotional process. In every stage of your startup the prioritization process will and should be different. The goal of this session is to provide you real tools and knowledge to implement on your next priority session.

Van Anh Dam

Girls Code Fun

As a teacher she's managed to combine her three biggest passions: teaching kids, creativity and technology. A co-founder of Kids Code Fun - a programming school for kids and teens. If a programmer were to be called a poet, Van Anh teaches future poets the alphabet.


Why Your Kid Won’t Be a Programmer?

They say that all kids should learn how to code and that technology is the key to the future. As founders of a programming school for children, we'll tell you why your child won't become a programmer and why technology isn't a necessary key to the future.


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Code of Conduct

At our conferences we encourage respectful smart conversations that help improvement and inspire innovation. Sexism, racism, and being insensitive in general is not appreciated. If you do so, get prepared to be challenged by conference staff. 

To enforce this code, we are taking following action: 

Every person involved in creating the conference, including staff and volunteers, will be made highly aware of the importance of sensitive communication. Our communication and actions will be prepared with great care to assure everyone feels welcome and equal at MCE^3. 


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