MCE is the conference created by developers and designers. Getting bigger every year it touches the aspects of all elements of mobile creation - development, design, UX, and technology. Our goal is to get a holistic picture of mobile devices of all kinds and take a next step in their development, getting to give users the “WOW” impression. 

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We invite you to take part in the workshop event at MCE - JITTER. With the option to choose from several different topics, each attendee will have an opportunity to participate in workshops related to technology, product and design of mobile applications. On top of that you can choose to roam freely around the venue where it’s going to be held, allowing you to pick up and try out new, exciting tech products. Stay tuned - we’ll be announcing more about it.

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An unusual chance to meet a lot of exciting individuals - programmers, designers, trendsetters, managers, product owners and creators of future in the mobile world! We took a lot of care into assembling a rockstar team of incredible speakers. Are you as excited as we are? More coming soon.

Stefaan Top


Stefaan Top holds an MBA from VLEKHO and ULB, Solvay. He started his career in various sales and marketing positions with international technology companies. Since 1993, Stefaan has been working with, and investing in, early stage technology companies where he developed his expertise to translate innovation into valuable market propositions while forging multi-disciplinary teams. In his role at AllThingsTalk he will lead the efforts to continuously bring the company’s products and operations in line with customer needs.


Connected Houses [hands on]

Connected houses

The workshop will let you explore all IoT tools and build step-by-step a project called ‘The-connected-houses’. This project consists of two parts, a first part will lead you to build a prototype in line with a pre-defined scenario, the second part will allow participants to build additional features which they will define in a so-called ‘Ideation’ session. The workshop is aimed at software developers, hardware makers and innovators.


Great ideas don’t arise from splendid isolation. Structure and creativity combined however, lead to impactful result. During the workshop we will familiarise you with a 7-step methodology to formulate, structure, share and challenge your ideas to evaluate how IoT technologies will strengthen them. Team size will be 2-3 people, typically innovators or designers and the workshop duration is about 4 hours.

IoT Prototyping (Sensors, Computer and prototyping platform)

All participating teams will use an AllThingsTalk Rapid Development Kit. This prototyping tool includes an computer and a set of sensors. Next to the hardware the Kit includes access to AllThingsTalk IoT Prototyping Platform to enable you to quickly connect your devices and develop interaction between them and the Web Services of your choice using the powerful rules wizard included in the platform. Team size will be 2-3 people, hardware or software developers and the workshop duration is about 4 hours.

Professional coaches and product specialists

Product specialists, developers and coaches from AllThingsTalk will be glad to support participants with hands-on assistance when needed.

Innovative Technologies and Bright Ideas. Now What ?

(Almost) Everybody has heard about a promising future where the Internet of Things will affect our lives and business. But today most of us still have questions on how it will affect our business processes, businesses and product innovation. So, how can we tackle and kick start the innovation proces within our company, how do we embrace innovative ideas and technologies as an organisation, share ideas and build them into viable products?
This presentation will attempt to demystify IoT and address these questions.

Ramzi Rizk


Ramzi Rizk is CoFounder and CTO of EyeEm; the Berlin-based photography community and marketplace. EyeEm's distinct blend of talented photographers sharing beautiful and authentic photos, and unique, deep learning powered photo classification, ranking and search technologies have made it one of the fastest growing photography platforms in the world. Before founding EyeEm, Ramzi spent years researching privacy in Social Media, and leading engineering teams focused on mobile and web. Ramzi is a passionate software architect, photographer and pianist. Together with his team at EyeEm, he organizes @PhotoHackDay, a global hackathon focusing on Photography. Ramzi loves product, scalable architecture, and the magical space where product, engineering and business meet.


Everything Breaks, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Embrace Change

Eric Schmidt is famous for warning that every process breaks at every order of magnitude. Change is constant and necessary to scale. As we grew from a community to a marketplace and technology platform, from a few thousand to 16 million photographers, from 4 team mates on a living room couch to 75 people in three cities and timezones, our organization has had to evolve. I will share ten lessons learned along the way

Hannes Verlinde


Hannes fell in love with the Mac when his parents bought a Performa back in the early 90s, and has been hacking ever since. He’s worked for software companies active in packaging, marketing, and mobile. Currently he lives in London, where he helps connect the world as an iOS engineer at Facebook. When off duty, he enjoys running and entertaining his two children.


Let the Symbols Do the Work

Syntactic symbol manipulation may be the universal way of deriving new knowledge in science and engineering, but the technique is still rarely used in the act of writing software. We will explore this alternate way of reasoning about code, while demonstrating the power of formal refactoring and its potential for automation.

Austin Knight


Austin Knight is a UX Designer, speaker, and author at HubSpot in Boston, MA. He currently oversees the UX for HubSpot.com, INBOUND.com, the HubSpot Blog, and a range of additional front-end web properties and tools, which are used by more than 4 million visitors per month. Previously, he’s worked with teams large and small, in organizations ranging from startups to public tech companies. He serves as aUX and IxD mentor at Columbia University and General Assembly, speaks internationally on the topic of UX, co-hosts the UX and Growth Podcast, and runs a popular blog and newsletter at AustinKnight.com.

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Absurd UX Tests: How I Get Honest Design Feedback

“Your design sucks.” Three words that every designer fears. And they aren’t said enough. In this talk, Austin Knight (Senior UX Designer at HubSpot) will discuss one of his unconventional usability experiments (involving a drunk user) and how it can be used to conduct research that is harsh, honest, and actionable. Learn about new methods for overcoming the struggles and pitfalls of traditional user testing, obtaining true and honest user feedback, and verifying the usability and simplicity of a design. Discover the resulting impact on bottom-line metrics like conversion rate, retention, engagement, and revenue. Walk away with a list of tools that you can use to conduct similar research and experiments on your own projects. Finally, learn about what it means to have a Culture of UX and gain actionable advice on how you can create it within your own company.

Felix Krause


Felix Krause worked on various startups as an iOS developer before he started working on fastlane as a side project. Since early 2015 he has worked full-time on fastlane and recently joined Twitter in San Francisco.


Continuous Delivery for Mobile Apps Using Fastlane

Talking about code signing, generating screenshots and automating your mobile deployment pipeline

Patrick Gilbert


Patrick has more than 15 years experience within Digital transformation, Customer experience/CRM, business innovation, analytics and communication.  He is a frequent keynote speaker at seminars and events.

Patrick has extensive knowledge regarding all aspects of digital transformation and customer experience, both from a strategic, tactical and technology perspective.


The Digitalization Journey

When large blue chip companies approach digitalization it's often either with a sense of fear or somewhat misplaced enthusiasm and always with a lot of confusion. When making "analouge" companies successful through digitalization, the product or service is seldom the largest obstacle. This talk highlights areas within large companies that are crucial to not only succeed with digitalization, but to have it transform the whole organization.

Matteo Lai


Matteo is the co-founder and CEO of Empatica, a company focused on wearable computing for the medical space, based in Cambridge, MA and Milan, Italy. The company recently developed Embrace, a medical quality wearable for monitoring Epilepsy, Autism, and other neurological conditions.
Studied Engineering and trained as an Architect, holds a Double MSc degree in Architecture and a Master in Innovation Management. He worked on technology experimental projects in the US, Europe and South America.


Making a Medical Wearable End to End: Empatica War Stories from the Trenches

Empatica develops wearable product for medical research and monitoring of neurological conditions. We have a end to end approach (making sensors, device, software, algorithms, cloud), which can be quite challenging. We will tell some stories in the development of Embrace, our latest product.

Naren Shaam


Born in Bangalore, India, Shaam has an MBA from Harvard University and worked in the auto industry and financial services before moving to Berlin in 2012. As a passionate traveller, it was while backpacking around Europe in 2010 after completing his studies that Shaam first became aware of the need to improve the transport booking system on the continent; and the inspiration behind GoEuro was born. Although the trip was a fantastic experience, Shaam found he was spending too much time planning the trips rather than enjoying the travel. There was no centralised, clear platform, to compare train, bus, rail, and car hire options. The travel operators were not all presented in one search engine, and each country had a different way of showing data and managing user experience, making it a very challenging process, in need of change. He decided to move to Berlin and found GoEuro


PODs – New organization to optimize your team improving autonomy and alignment

Trust in your people is a very important part of GoEuro’s culture and PODs structure are the best example of it and of how to improve and dynamize in processes in product and tech teams. PODs are self contained independent units with a clear objective or product ownership that delivers superior results/value to our customers. They are self sufficient and cross functional teams independent of other PODs, and contain people with all the skills and tools necessary to deliver their part of a product: from design to release and maintenance


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Code of Conduct

At our conferences we encourage respectful smart conversations that help improvement and inspire innovation. Sexism, racism, and being insensitive in general is not appreciated. If you do so, get prepared to be challenged by conference staff. 

To enforce this code, we are taking following action: 

Every person involved in creating the conference, including staff and volunteers, will be made highly aware of the importance of sensitive communication. Our communication and actions will be prepared with great care to assure everyone feels welcome and equal at MCE^3. 


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